New and Noteworthy in 2.8.0

Jira Software Data Center licensing for small teams.

Had to move to Jira Software Data Center because Atlassian decided to end Jira Software Server support, but your team size is below 500 members? Don't worry, OSLC Connect for Jira now supports Jira Software Data Center licenses for a limited number of users.

Improved Issues Selection Dialog.

Looking for quickly link a Jira issue when its key is known? Simple type its key (or paste it) in the improved selection dialog!

Searching by summary and description is also supported and previous functionality (e.g. filters) is available by toggling the searching view.

OSLC Property Match Validator.

A transition can be configured with the OSLC Property Match Validator to proceed only if a property on the linked artifact matches a given value.

Configure a single or multiple values with different passing criteria, decide whether a single, all, or none OSLC link of a given type must have the provided value(s) to allow the transition.

In the sample above, the transition won't be allowed unless none of the linked requirements have their status in New.

Sprint field available for reporting tools (IBM Jazz Reporting Service).

Starting this version it is possible to select the Sprint field to be included in reporting tools, typically IBM Jazz Reporting Service.

Downgrading is not supported.
Check Downgrading topic for details.