Upgrading to 2.4.3

Following extra actions are required only if your server instance was using the TRS Feeds to either use IBM Reporting services or visualize backlinks when Global Configurations are used.

Starting this version, TRS feeds were improved to support large set of data without high memory consumption. This implementation, however, requires to rebuild the TRS feeds on Jira and to re-index the corresponding data-sources on IBM Link Index Provider (LDX) and IBM Lifecycle Query Engine (LQE):

  1. Follow the steps described in the Rebuilding TRS Feeds topic to rebuild all Jira TRS feeds.
  2. If you are using LQE to generate linking reports, follow the steps of the Reindexing an LDX/LQE datasource topic.
  3. If you are using LDX to manage backlinks when using Global Configurations, follow the same steps on the LDX administration page.