New and Noteworthy in 2.4.0

Support for Issue Approvals

Requirements applications that use Change Sets (like IBM Engineering Requirements Management DOORS Next) can be configured to prevent delivering a Change Set, over another configuration, if they are linked to a non-approved work item (or in the case of Jira, to a non-approved issue). Starting this version you can set an approval strategy to determine which issues are considered approved and related Change Sets can then be delivered in Requirements applications.

You can select between a basic strategy to specify some Resolutions as indicators of an approved issue:

Or you can select the advanced strategy to specify a JQL Expression:

This expression can be as complex as required and you can try one or more issues to check whether they are considered approved using it:

Support for Siemens Polarion

It is now possible to create Collaboration Links from and to Polarion:

Embedded Help

All OSLC Connect for Jira pages contain a Help button to open the related embedded help topic (no Internet connection required).

Editable Friends and Consumers

Friends and Consumers can now be edited, for example to change the title:

Remote Authorization of Consumers' Provisional Keys

When you are administrator of both Jira and the OSLC Remote Application, you can now authorize a provisional consumer key generated in the remote application from Jira.
This feature is applicable only when the OSLC Remote Application also supports this capability (like all IBM Engineering Lifecycle Management applications do)

License Request Assistance

Requesting a trial license to evaluate the product is now easier, using the "request a new license" link on License page, to open your default email client with a template containing all required data.

TRS Administration Page

This new administration page includes a section to ease management of the TRS Functional user:

And a section to audit and rebuild the TRS feeds:

Upgrading actions are required.
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Downgrading is not supported.
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