OSLC Resources in Jira

OSLC Connect for Jira exposes Jira Issue artifacts as OSLC Change Requests, from OSLC Change Management. Such Change Requests can be linked to resources in other applications:

URL of OSLC Jira Issues

There's a unique URL for each Jira issue exposed as an OSLC resource.

The URL of a Jira issue web page in the browser is: https://SERVER:PORT/browse/ISSUE (where the ISSUE variable is the Jira issue unique identifier)

The corresponding URL of the OSLC Change Request is: https://SERVER:PORT/rest/oslc/1.0/cm/issue/ISSUE

URL of OSLC Remote Application resources

Please refer to the documentation of the OSLC Remote Application to understand how to obtain the OSLC URL of the resources.

Here is a quick guidance to obtain the OSLC URL of IBM Engineering Lifecycle Management resources from their web page: