Displaying the Collaboration Links small preview

When a Collaboration Link is created, it is very helpful to preview the most important properties of the resource without actually navigating to it. This is why you can get a small preview of the resource if you pass the mouse over the resource link; however you cannot always get such small preview. If when you hover the collaboration link you see:

You need to click on the Log-in link to start the authentication/authorization process. Small previews are available only if the user is authenticated and then he/she authorizes to access this information.

You need to register the Remote OSLC Application as a friend application. Collaboration links can be created from the Remote OSLC Application even if it is not a friend of Jira, however this is a requirement if you want to see any information hosted on the Remote OSLC Application from Jira. Follow the steps described in Registering a Friend. procedure to fix this.

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