Configuring Workflow OSLC Validator

To reach the Issue Previews page, log-in as an administrator and click on JIRA ADMINISTRATION > Issues in the banner. Then, locate the WORKFLOWS section and click on Workflows.

While working with customized/complex workflows, it can be convenient to restrict a transition depending on the status of a linked remote artifact. A simple use case could be, a Feature issue cannot be started (changed from TO DO status to IN PROGRESS) until the associated requirement is in Approved status. To those who are not familiar with this type of validations, this can be configured in Jira with Workflow Validators.

Adding an OSLC Property Match validator

To configure the OSLC Property Match validator in a workflow transition:

  1. Follow the steps of the Add a validator procedure of the Jira's documentation.
  2. Select the OSLC Property Match Validator and click the Add button.
  3. Once in the Add Parameters To Validator page, select the Link Type over which to apply the validator.
  4. In the Pass Criteria field, select whether All, at least One or None of the linked artifacts must meet the validation to allow the transition.
  5. In the OSLC Property field, type the name (case insensitive) of the linked artifact property to evaluate.
  6. Finally, type the value(s) (case insensitive) [1], that the given property must have to allow the transition, in the OSLC Value.
  7. Click in the Add button to save the new validator.

Back in transition configuration page, do not forget to click on the Publish button to properly apply the changes.

Add, remove or update the validator, as you need, following the standard Jira procedures.

OSLC Properties

The name of the OSLC property to use is defined on the OSLC Remote Application. You may have to contact the project administrator of the remote application to request the property name to use.

Here are some of the most used property names for the validator:


Bussiness Rule Validator configuration
All “implemented by” requirements are approved allowing a transition in Jira for “In Progress” Link Type = Implements Requirement
Pass Criteria = All
OSLC Property = status
OSLC Value = Approved
All “related change requests” are closed allowing a transition in Jira to “Closed” Link Type = Related Change Request
Pass Criteria = All
OSLC Property = status
OSLC Value = Closed
OSLC Property Match Validator and bulk operations
The OSLC Property Match Validator does not run in bulk operations. No remote connections can be established within these operations and, therefore, the state of the remote linked artifacts cannot be determined.