Configuring ELM Report Builder

If IBM Report Builder (RB) is being used and feed by IBM Lifecycle Query Engine (LQE), a meta-model refresh is required to recognize artifacts and data types used by Jira objects. This refresh may require up to 15-30 minutes to complete in larger environments as it fetches not only new Jira resources but all existing resources as well, and this is why it is recommended to trigger it as soon as possible [1]. The RB data source which requires this meta-model update is called Lifecycle Query Engine and you can follow the steps of How to refresh meta-model for the Data Source procedure to refresh it. In case Global Configurations are being used, the data source to refresh is Lifecycle Query Engine scoped by a configuration and if it is not listed, follow the steps of the next topic.

Once meta-model is refreshed, the only change on Jira that will require a second refresh is the creation/association of a new project with remote projects. If the updating process takes too much time on your environment or you just cannot wait for the scheduled refresh to be launched, you can repeat the steps above to refresh it manually.

Making sure "Lifecycle Query Engine scoped by a configuration" data source is available.

Official RB documentation says RB should get this configuration-aware data source automatically since the moment the first IBM Engineering Lifecycle Management project is Configuration Management enabled; however, if for some reason this data source is not available, you need to enable it on your own:

  1. In a browser window, open the RB Setup page at https://server:port/rs/setup.
  2. In the Connect to data source area, expand the Select a default data source combo.

If LQE scoped by a configuration data source is listed, there is nothing else to do. Otherwise:

  1. Click on the Connect to data source label within the area the Select a default data source combo is.
  2. LQE data sources will be updated, expand the Select a default data source combo again.

This time, LQE scoped by a configuration must be listed. This is the data source RB users need to use when like to build reports based on a configuration.