Configuring Link Types to Versioned Fields mappings

Jira issues are normally found affecting one product's version and are normally set to be fixed in a further version. The nature of these fields (Affects Version/s and Fix Version/s) and the corresponding nature of the Collaboration Link types, is what makes possible to associate them in order to resolve which GC to use when trying to create a link to a versioned artifact. OSLC Connect for Jira knows these natures corresponding, and defines an initial mapping you can just approve or modify according to your needs. To visualize this initial mapping:

  1. In the Project settings page, locate and click on the Link/Version-Field Mapping option in the OSLC Connect section.

OSLC Connect for Jira will display a table with two columns; on the left is the Collaboration Link type, on the right is the corresponding (in nature) Jira versioned field (either Affects Version/s or Fix Version/s) but it is disabled. In order to enable this mapping:

  1. Click on the No mappings detected. Click here to use default link mappings. link.
  2. Optionally, change one or multiple mappings by clicking on the corresponding Field combo and selecting the required field.
  3. Click on the Save button.

If, in the future, you want to change this mapping, you just need to come to this page again, modify what is required and press the Save button. Note: making further changes may affect all existing Collaboration Links, breaking some of them or what is worst, making them pointing to a different version of an artifact, this is why you shouldn't change the mapping once is set and after creating Collaboration Links.