Associating a Jira Version with a Global Configuration

Following are the steps to associate a Jira Version with a GC.

  1. In the Project settings page, locate and click on the Global Configuration option in the OSLC Connect section.
  2. Select the Jira Version you want to associate with a GC and click on the corresponding Actions column (on the tree dots icon) [1].
  3. Click on the Select Configuration... option in the opened menu.
  4. As soon as you select the option, a pop-up window will appear [2]. If you hadn't previously started a Global Configuration Management (GCM) application session in the same browser, the new window will show you the GCM login page and you must continue with this step, otherwise please go to the next one [3]. The login page is here to complete the user authentication process, so please provide valid user credentials, it is not necessary that such user has an admin role [3].
  5. At this point, the GCM application provides the GC selection dialog, navigate to the one you are interested of and select it.

If everything went ok, the GCM dialog will be closed and the chosen GC will be displayed on the Configuration column of the versions table. If you want to change the associated GC, you can click on the Select Configuration... option again and repeat the procedure. If you want to remove the associated GC, click on the Clear Configuration... option instead and confirm when prompted. Note: making changes or removing a GC association will affect all existing Collaboration Links using such version, breaking some of them or what is worst, making them pointing to a different version of an artifact, this is why you shouldn't change/remove the mapping association once is set and after creating Collaboration Links.