Configuring the License

The OSLC Connect for Jira license is a file with a lic extension that must be provided along with the product when you acquired it or requested a demo. It needs to be the first thing you configure after the installation as it is required to:

Here are the steps to configure the license:

  1. On the left panel, click on the License option in the OSLC section.
  2. In right panel you will see a message indicating the current status of the license, click on the License field.
  3. Use the opened dialog to locate and select the license file from your file system.
  4. Once the file is selected and the dialog is closed, click on the Upload button.

If everything went ok, the current status message of the license will change for The license has been successfully validated and you can start using all other admin sections; otherwise, you will see the corresponding error message. When the license cannot be validated for any reason, you still can navigate to other admin pages, but:

Please consider this as a prerequisite for all other sections to avoid mentioning it in all of them.