Configuring the Collaboration Links field

A collaboration link is a link between two elements that belong to different applications. Typically, when a collaboration link is created from one Application A to one Application B, a backlink is created (automatically) from Application B to Application A, so both elements may have a way to navigate to each other. In this scenario, where a link can exist either because it was created on its own, or because it was created as the backlink of other link, it is often useful to distinguish their nature with a role name:

Henceforth, when a collaboration link in Jira is said to be an outgoing link, it means it is a link whose creation was triggered from Jira (creating a backlink on the Remote OSLC Application), whereas if it is an incoming link it means it is a link that was created as backlink on Jira (due to a creation triggered from the Remote OSLC Application).

To create a collaboration link, no matter its nature, it is necessary to create a custom field on Jira that allows to save them. OSLC Connect for Jira comes already with this special field, you only need to enable it and configure it as described below:

  1. On the Administration menu (just above the ATLASSIAN MARKETPLACE section) click on the Issues option.
  2. Locate and click the Custom fields option on the left panel under the FIELDS section.
  3. Click on the Add custom field button, at the Custom fields page, in the center panel.
  4. On the opened dialog, click on the Advanced option in the left panel.
  5. Look up for the Collaboration Links field in the right panel, probably it will be the first option.
  6. Select the Collaboration Links field row and click the Next button.
  7. On the next dialog page, choose and type a name for this field, this will be its label when displayed. It is recommended to use the "Collaboration Links" name.
  8. Type (optionally) a description for this custom field.
  9. Click on the Create button to create the field and close the dialog.
  10. On the Associate field Collaboration Links to screens page, you need to select the Default Screen and, for each Jira Project you want to use this field, the screen where the Jira issue is viewed or edited [1][2]. Selection is done by clicking on the checkbox located in the Select column.
  11. Click on the Update button.
  12. Back on the Custom fields page, you should see the Collaboration Links field at the top of the table, click on the gear icon located on the last column.
  13. Select the Configure option.
  14. On the Default Configuration Scheme for Collaboration Links section, click on the Edit Default value link.
  15. A new page will be displayed with the Default value field at the top of it, type in there an open curly brace followed with the close curly brace (no spaces): {}.
  16. Click on the Set Default button.

That's it! This is the minimum configuration you need to enable and start using the Collaboration Links field. The new field will appear under the Labels field on the screens for consulting issues (only for newly created issues or when an existing issue gets a value from Remote OSLC Application). For a detailed configuration, like choosing the position of the field or the screens where it will appear, please refer to the Jira official documentation.