Class InsertRequirement

  • All Implemented Interfaces:
    ResourceRequest<ResourceResponse<Void>>, Callable<ResourceResponse<Void>>

    public class InsertRequirement
    extends AbstractResourceRequest<ResourceResponse<Void>>
    A request to insert an existing base requirement into a module, at a specific location within its hierarchy.

    The requirement to insert must not already be part of the module. If the requirement is already part of the module, use the SetRequirementChildren class to move it somewhere else within the module hierarchy.

    This request aims at inserting an existing base requirement at a specific location in the module. The CreateRequirement class can be used to create a new requirement.

    Below is a sample code to insert a requirement at the root of a module:

     Module module = new GetModule(client, moduleUri).get();
     InsertLocation location = InsertLocation.root(module).build();
     new InsertRequirement(client, requirementUri, location).call();