Class CreateRequirement

    • Constructor Detail

      • CreateRequirement

        public CreateRequirement​(OslcClient client,
                                 URI creationFactory,
                                 DngRequirement requirement)
        Creates a request to create a DOORS Next Requirement.

        Here is the required information in the specified requirement:

        • title: the requirement title.
        • parentFolder: the folder in which the requirement is to create.
        • instanceShape: the type of requirement to create. This type is defined as a resource shape in the creation factory declared by the service provider.

        The URI of the created requirement can then be obtained through the "Location" header provided in the request response.

        client - the OSLC client to connect to the application.
        creationFactory - the URI of the creation factory, allowing the requirement creation. A oslc_config.context parameter can be added to this URI for using a specific configuration.
        requirement - the requirement content to assign to the created resource.