New and Noteworthy in 1.0.0

Connect Confluence to OSLC applications

OSLC Connect for Confluence connects Confluence to IBM DOORS Next, Team Concert (EWM), Quality Manager (ETM), Rhapsody, and Siemens Polarion ALM. Create OSLC links to add, share and access real-time engineering data right from the comfort of your Confluence space and boost collaboration across engineering teams.

OSLC Connect server administration

Setup communication between Confluence and other OSLC Remote Applications, with the Friends and Consumers admin pages.

OSLC Connect space administration

Create associations between a Confluence Space and artifact containers in the OSLC Remote Application.

OSLC Link macro

OSLC Link macro is accessible from any Confluence page, either with auto completion or macro browser:

OSLC Link macro editor allows creating or selecting resources in a remote OSLC application:

OSLC Link macro popover menu allows switching between several display modes:

OSLC Link macro displayed inside a Confluence page: