Configuring OSLC Remote Application

This configuration section is aimed at the OSLC Remote Application administrator and contains the tasks required for completing the configuration of OSLC Connect for Confluence. These tasks however are not explained in detail as it is not the scope of this guide to provide procedures for all possible products out there being compatible with this connector; instead, it is expected from readers to be familiar with configuring friends and consumers of their own managing product(s). If this is not the case, please refer to the corresponding official documentation before continuing.

OSLC Connect for Confluence supports creating links from Confluence to the OSLC Remote Application, but not the other way around. It means there is very little configuration to do for the OSLC Remote Application administrator.

The only thing we need to make sure of is that Confluence is allowed to display delegated UIs from the OSLC Remote Application. In order to do that, depending on the remote application capabilities, the remote application administrator will need to do either one of: