Launching ATL modules from MQL

ATL modules can be called from MQL rulesets using the class ATLRunner (once having enabled ATL capability).

We recommend that you install the MDWorbench ATL sample Using ATL in MDWorkbench: UML to Relational


package com.mycompany.example;

import com.sodius.mdw.core.atl.ATLRunner;

// expects a loaded UML 2.1 model as input
public ruleset UML2Relational(in umlModel : uml21, out relationalModel : relational) {

    public rule main() {
        // initializes ATL parameters 
        var asmPath = "com/sodius/mdw/samples/atl/uml2relational/UML2Relational.asm"; // ATL module path, relative to the working directory	
        var inModels  = {"source"=umlModel}; // UML Model as input model	
        var outModels = {"target"=relationalModel};  // Relational Model as output model

        // Evaluates the ATL module, inModels, outModels); 
        // Generates code from the Relational output model

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