TGL body statements

A TGL body statement may be:

Here is the list of body directives:

Basic directives
guard Conditionally skips the evaluation of a text template or of a script body.
file * Defines the name of the file where the text generated by a text template will be written.
foreach, break Processes a section of the template for each element contained within a collection.
if, else, elseif Conditionally skips a section of the template.
include Evaluates a referenced text template and inserts the resulting text at the current position.
Specifies sections in the generated text where any user manual modification must be preserved.
set Declares and initializes variables for use within the template.
while, break Processes a section of the template while a condition is true.

Advanced directives
attempt, recover Provides alternate processing in case an error occurs.
compress Removes superfluous white-space for white-space insensitive formats (e.g. HTML or XML).
noparse Causes the contained text to be skipped by the parser and output directly
stop Aborts the evaluation process.
tab Shifts right using a tab character a section of the template.
trim, ltrim, rtrim, notrim Instructs the engine to ignore certain whitespace characters in the line of the directive.

* This directive is only applicable for a text template body.