MDWorkbench Model Template


MDWorkbench 3.0.0

This extension is used to add new model templates. A model template enables to populate a newly created model with some model elements, avoiding the user having to start his modeling activity from a blank page.

<!ELEMENT extension (modelTemplate*)>

<!ATTLIST extension




<!ELEMENT modelTemplate (description?)>

<!ATTLIST modelTemplate

id         CDATA #REQUIRED

name       CDATA #REQUIRED

metamodel  CDATA #REQUIRED

default    (true | false)

class      CDATA #IMPLIED



override   CDATA #IMPLIED>

a template generally populates model elements from a resource (using readerName and readerPath attributes). It may dynamically contribute such elements providing a ModelTemplateSection in the class attributes. If both reader and class attributes are used, the resource is first loaded and the provided ModelTemplateSection can add additional elements or to refactor some elements loaded from the resource.

<!ELEMENT description (#PCDATA)>

a description of the purpose of this template, presented to the user in the new model wizard.