Diagram Page


MDWorkbench 3.0.0

This extension is used to add new diagram templates.

The Diagrams view displays model elements and their references in a graphical way. This extension point is used to contribute diagrams displayed in this view.

Tip: Instead of creating a template by hand, you may add a new diagram template using the corresponding preference page (Window > Preferences and MDWorkbench > Models > Diagrams). This allows to select types and features using dedicated views and to quickly ensure the diagram definition looks correct on models. Then you just need to use the "Preview XML Declaration..." contextual menu on the diagram template preference, and to copy/paste the contents in a plugin.xml file.

<!ELEMENT extension (diagramTemplate*)>

<!ATTLIST extension




<!ELEMENT diagramTemplate (propertySet? , inputSet , featureSet? , contentSet?)>

<!ATTLIST diagramTemplate

id              CDATA #REQUIRED

name            CDATA #REQUIRED

metamodel       CDATA #REQUIRED

pageId          CDATA #REQUIRED

contentProvider CDATA #IMPLIED

figureProvider  CDATA #IMPLIED>

defines the content of a diagram based on input types and features to navigate through.

<!ELEMENT propertySet (property+)>

defines properties to customize the diagram

<!ELEMENT property EMPTY>

<!ATTLIST property



defines a property to customize the diagram.

<!ELEMENT inputSet (type+)>

references the set of types whose instances can serve as input for a diagram

<!ELEMENT contentSet (type+)>

enables to restrict the model elements to be displayed in the diagram. If the contentSet is not empty, only instances whose type is listed here will be displayed when navigating though references.


<!ATTLIST type


<!ELEMENT featureSet (feature+)>

references features to navigate through in the diagram

<!ELEMENT feature EMPTY>

<!ATTLIST feature


references an attribute to display in the diagram or a reference to navigate through to collect model elements