Managing Ids

Enterprise Architect identifies elements through their GUIDs. XMI IDs are reflecting the GUIDs in an xmi file:

The Class EAXMIIDManager can be used to manager GUIDs and Ids of elements.
Here is a sample example that shows how to generate an Enterprise Architect id

String semanticID = EAXMIIDManager.generateDeterministicEAXMIID("EAID_06B5CFF7_6C2C_46cf_B310_14F2BE77D296_classForUseCase");
From EAID_06B5CFF7_6C2C_46cf_B310_14F2BE77D296_classForUseCase, this will return EAID_739c9066_76a9_b5e8_877a_4a51632e1b51.

Deterministic XMI Id generation is useful for usecases requiring multiple writings.
This ensure the stability of XMI Ids over generations. A perfect seed is a seed which identify the element: it needs to be stable over time, and unique compared to other elements.

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