Rhapsody Application Accessors

Rhapsody OMRoot

Those accessors use the Rhapsody APIs to connect to the active application. Those APIs are located in the Rhapsody Share folder, internally known as the Rhapsody OMRoot. The Share folder typically contains the following sub folders: JavaAPI\rhapsody.jar, Profiles, Properties etc.

Depending on your operating system and Rhapsody version, the Share folder can typically be found in the Rhapsody install directory or within the user home directory (e.g. "C:\Program Files\IBM\Rhapsody\<version>\Share").

Here is how the accessors determine the Rhapsody OMRoot location:

  1. A System property "rhapsody.omroot" may be used to set the location.
    Please refer to this documentation for details on how to set a System property in Eclipse:
    Platform Plug-in Developer Guide > Reference > Other reference information > The Eclipse runtime options.

  2. A Windows environment variable "rhapsody.omroot" may be used to set the location.