A FormalModule may define a set of Views. Each View customizes the display of Objects within the FormalModule. The View can filter the list of visible Objects, regarding a variety a criteria.

A View is composed of Columns. A column can either display an Attribute value or the result of an evaluation (evaluation perform with DOORS DXL code).

The FormalModule.viewObjects reference returns the objects that are displayed in the current view, in depth first order. Depth first order is the order in which objects are displayed down the page in a formal module. This is a sub list of all objects, as some objects may be not displayed in a specific view.

A formal module can define multiple views. The DOORS reader will use the default view to read a formal module, as specified in the corresponding formal module properties. If the FormalModule.currentView reference is empty, it means the "Standard view" is currently used.

A view may define columns, to customize the display of objects and show information relevant to a certain viewpoint. The DOORS reader can only retrieve columns of the current view.


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