Un-applying Rhapsody Profiles

Profile mechanism is used in the transformation in order to preserve Rhapsody data which has no equivalent in UML / SysML.

This allows all data to be transformed, on the other hand, the models are weighed down by Stereotypes / Tagged Values not all the time necessary.

It is possible to un-apply the "RhapsodyProfile", "RHP", "CG", "PredefinedTypesCpp_profile", "PredefinedTypes_profile" and "RHPSysML" profiles setting the property rhp2md.semantic.unapplyRhapsodyProfile in properties.ini.
As a reminder, this will un-apply the stereotypes (and therefore remove the values of the tagged values)


If the option is set to true, Diagrams in Model won't be stereotyped.

Silent Mode Implementation

To Keep Rhapsody Profiles Application, set to following option in publisher.ini file:

To Unapply Rhapsody Profiles, set to following option in publisher.ini file: