Transformed Invisible Stereotypes

By default, when generating the MDCustom Profile, Stereotypes that inherit from the MagicDraw <<InvisibleStereotype>> are not transformed into Rhapsody.
# Determines the Stereotypes, inherited from <<InvisibleStereotype>> that are transformed in Rhapsody. Available values: Stereotypes names inherited from <<InvisibleStereotype>>. Default value “IdentifiableElement”. Use "," as separator for multiple values.
By default, <<IdentifiableElement>> Stereotype will be created. Additional Stereotypes can be transformed by adding to the list their name, using “,” as separator. To keep the inheritance of the transformed Stereotypes (and TaggedValues), the chain of inheritance is created by transformation. However, the parent Stereotypes won’t be applied to the Model unless if they are in the list of InvisibleStereotypes.