Modeling Guidelines

The standard definitions for the publisher is based on the SysML standard provided by Object Management Group OMG Systems Modeling Language (OMG SysML™) Version 1.6.
The source and destination tools both provide capabilities based on the interpretation of a specific version of the standard. To go a step further there is not a standard definition for the exchange of this information which includes the diagram relative display information.
This all signifies that the tools are not exactly identical in capability nor in interpretation of the standard. For these reasons, we must define a set of rules together with our users as documented in the following modeling guidelines.
These guidelines will cover the differences due to the following key constraints:

  1. Availability of information on the interface
  2. Difference in standard interpretation
  3. Tool specific additional capability outside of the standard

The Publisher is designed to publish a SysML project utilizing a SysML profile. It is possible to add UML elements to a SysML project in the source tool.
UML elements typed by the UML profile are not transformed to SysML elements in the publisher.

The in order to provide easy lookup, the modeling guidelines are broken into a general section followed by a section per diagram type.
Guidelines generally are defined by where the element is primarily owned or used primarily. Minimal duplication is the target.
General guidelines apply to elements crossing diagram types.