Modeling Guidelines for SysML Package Diagram

The Package Diagram defined in this clause is used to organize the model by partitioning model elements into packageable elements and establishing dependencies between the packages and/or model elements within the package. The Package defines a Namespace for the Packageable Elements. OMG Systems Modeling Language (OMG SysML™) Version 1.6

The following guidelines apply:

Containment Lines
The publisher defaults the display of containment lines to on.
Diagram Frame and Heading
When the Show Diagram Frame property is set to true:
Grouping by Stereotype
The source tool has the capability to group Packages by Stereotype. The target tool does not provide this same organizational capability through the interface. The user will need to group these differently in the source tool or manually group them in the destination tool. The figure below shows an example of the source grouping followed by the transformed grouping.