Modeling Guidelines for SysML Block Definition Diagram

A Block Definition Diagram is based on the UML class diagram, with restrictions and extensions as defined by SysML.
The Block Definition Diagram in SysML defines features of Blocks and relationships between Blocks such as Associations, Generalizations, and Dependencies. It captures the definition of Blocks in terms of Properties and Operations, and Relationships such as a system hierarchy or a system classification tree. OMG Systems Modeling Language (OMG SysML™) Version 1.6.

The following guidelines apply:

A <<Satisfy>> Dependency to a Problem is transformed by the Publisher as an Anchor to a Note as shown in the figure below.

The following ownership rules apply in the target tool:
  1. The Parts have to be owned by a Block.
  2. The Constraint properties in the diagram have to be owned by the same Block.
  3. The Properties in the diagram have to be owned by the Block.
If ports are connected via Connector, both port types must be compatible and the connector ends need to be defined.

Red Connector Lines