Activity Diagram Modeling Guidelines

The following guidelines apply to Activity Diagrams

Initial Nodes
In Cameo, it is possible to have several Initial Nodes into the same Diagram, while this is not possible in Rhapsody.
Only the first Initial Node is transformed to an Initial Node in Rhapsody, the others are transformed to Merge Nodes.
Fork Nodes
In Cameo it is possible to have a Fork Node with several inputs.
In Rhapsody, this is not allowed. To process this, the Publisher for Rhapsody turns the Fork Node into Join Node and only keep one output.
The transformation of the Fork Node into Join Node is automatically done by Rhapsody and cannot be controlled.
Due to some Rhapsody API limitations, IBM Rhapsody displays, in some cases, a Message:

To go further, select the "No" button each time this message appears.
Swimlanes (Activity Partitions) are verticals in Rhapsody.
If swimlanes are horizontal in Cameo, the transformation will rotate 90° them.

Due to Rhapsody restrictions, an Activity Diagram can not contain a single Swimlane.
In that case, a 'fake' greyed Swimlane is added in the Diagram.