Diagram Display Configuration publishing from Rhapsody


Due to the number of graphic properties on diagrams that are not accessible from Rhapsody, these properties have been set by default in a properties file. By editing this file, it is possible to configure the display of diagrams in MagicDraw.

The current guide explains how to configure the display of diagrams in MagicDraw.


The Java System Property rhp2md.graphical.properties.path must be defined in the publisher.ini file, in order to configure the display in MagicDraw.
If the System Property rhp2md.graphical.properties.path is not correctly set, models cannot be published into MagicDraw.

The Graphical Properties are defined per Diagram Type, for each UML and SysML Diagram.
For more information on UML and SysML Diagram Types, see the Administration section.
In addition, Graphical Properties for all kinds of Diagrams can be defined.
If a Graphical Property has been defined for a type of Element, and another Graphical Property (with a different value) is defined for the same Element, the last one will be taken into account.
For example, if we have the following Graphical Properties for a SysML Block Definition Diagram, in the properties.ini file:


Stereotypes for Blocks won't be displayed because a Block is a Class stereotyped <<Block>>.
If a Graphical Property is read from the input Rhapsody Model, but also defined in the Configuration File, the Graphical Property read and transformed by the Publisher is the value used.