Getting Started

Export your Rhapsody SysML Models to MagicDraw without additional editing.
The MagicDraw SysML Publisher for Rhapsody transforms the data and diagrams developed in Rational Rhapsody using the SysML profile into a MagicDraw file in the comparable profile and display capabilities.
This documentation defines how to install, use the publisher as well as what rules and modeling guidelines are required for accurate transformations.

MagicDraw SysML Publisher for Rhapsody transforms

The publisher provides the following functions.

MagicDraw vs Cameo

MagicDraw™ and Cameo™ (Cameo Systems Modeler™ and Cameo Enterprise Architecture™) are architectural modeling tools offered by the No Magic Inc. subsidiary of Dassault Systèmes. Simply stated, Cameo is a rebranding of MagicDraw, No Magic's flagship UML tool for software-intensive applications, for Model-Based Systems Engineering applications that use SysML (a dialect of UML 2 adapted for systems engineering). Reference:,,