Getting Started

Export your Rhapsody SysML Models to MagicDraw without additional editing.
The Publisher for Rhapsody™ transforms the SysML elements and diagrams in a Rhapsody project into a MagicDraw file in the comparable profile and display capabilities.
This documentation defines what the publisher does, how to install, and how to use the publisher. br> Modeling guidelines are provided to bridge the gap in the tool capability and standard interpretations.

The Publisher for Rhapsody™ creates an project file in the format .mdzip that contains the following:

The publisher provides the following functions.

MagicDraw vs Cameo

MagicDraw™ and Cameo™ (Cameo Systems Modeler™ and Cameo Enterprise Architecture™) are architectural modeling tools offered by the No Magic Inc. subsidiary of Dassault Systèmes. Simply stated, Cameo is a rebranding of MagicDraw, No Magic's flagship UML tool for software-intensive applications, for Model-Based Systems Engineering applications that use SysML (a dialect of UML 2 adapted for systems engineering). Reference:,,