Installing update site

To install a new Update Site:

  1. Start the Publisher
  2. Click on Help > Install New Software…

  3. Select the path of the Update Site to install. The path can be a remote location or a local file. For that you need to add the repository. Click on Add…

    1. On a remote location

      You need to fill in the name of the feature (the name is free) and the location of the Update Site.

    2. On a local repository, click on Local… and select the folder to use as Repository (the unzipped Update Site)

    3. On a Zipped Update Site, click Archive… and select the file to install

  4. Select the Repository and select the Feature(s) to Install

    Click Next

  5. Validate the Summary of what will be installed

    Click Next

  6. You can be asked to accept license agreement

    Click Finish