Troubleshooting MagicDraw SysML Publisher for Rhapsody


Some Logging and Debugging services are available with MagicDraw SysML Publisher for Rhapsody in order to enable the user to be able to actively identify problem and to be able to guide the support team without revealing internal details.

Publisher Eclipse Log

MagicDraw SysML Publisher for Rhapsody is an Eclipse Runtime product.
Whenever it encounters a problem that does not warrant launching a dialog, Eclipse saves a report in the workspace log file.

The log file can be looked at in three alternative ways:

When the Java VM suffers a hard crash, it produces a separate logging file named something like hs_err_pidXXXXX.log.
These files are also helpful for diagnosing problems.

Detailed and Sanitized Logs

With MagicDraw SysML Publisher for Rhapsody, the user have the ability to have a detailed log of operations to support identification of failures.
This allows the ability to identify problematic areas of a model. They are useful for both developers and users.
Hence, two log files are generated, in the following folder:
where %USER% corresponds to the System.user folder

Detailed logging

Several levels of logging are generated in the detailed logging:

Also, logging can concern different steps in the publishing:

Sanitized Logging

The Sanitized log matches the Detailed logging.
However, potential sensitive information have been removed, like the name of diagrams, or the full path of elements.
The Sanitized log is the log to share with the support team.

Platform debug tracing facility

Eclipse provides a tracing facility that is used by MagicDraw SysML Publisher for Rhapsody to debug and trace issues that occurs during the transformation from Rhapsody to UML2.

Turning on debug tracing

With the installation files, a .options file is provided.
To turn on the debug tracing , set the property logAttemptRecoverException to true.


Run on debug mode

To run the MagicDraw SysML Publisher for Rhapsody on debug mode, start the publisher using -debug:

The command prompt will indicated that the .options file is loaded: