Verifying the Application Server Installation

Embedded database:

Open the following URL in your web browser:

IBM Rational Team Concert © CCM (CCM):

Download the Rootservices

Once SECollab is deployed to the application server in accordance with the procedure of the installation, it can be verified that the deployment went well as planned by requesting Rootservices:

  1. Open a web browser of your choice.
  2. Type the URL
  3. Type ENTER to send the request to the application server
  4. The server should propose to download a file rootservices.

The operation is successful if the file can be downloaded or displayed as a valid RDF XML in the browser.
If the operation fails (e.g. with HTTP Status 404), review the installation and configuration of your server.

Navigate to each of the servers involved to ensure connectivity

To enable authentication and accept TLS / SSL certificates, navigate to each of the following URLs:

Using Online Help

An online help is available at the following address: