Traceability Templates

SECollab allows to create Traceability templates. Traceability templates are a way to define traceability link import configuration from Excel. Once defined, the team project leader can rely on to import a complete set of links from Excel file.

Creating a Traceability Template

To create Traceability Templates, go to the Project Administration's "Traceability templates" section:

You can then create sections:

Traceability Excel File Format

Traceability Excel file is supporting *.xls and *.xlsx formats. Following constraints are expected:

Importing Traceability file from Excel

The traceability import activity is available for a publisher or a project leader from the “Designs” screen.

A modal dialog allows the user to upload an Excel file and select a traceability template.

Full replacement mode

A 'Cancel and Replace existing links' option allows to achieve a full replacement of all existing links (in the configuration). Any existing "Supported Link" specified in the traceability template is removed from the source and its backlink (if any) from the target.

Import Activity Logs

When the import is achieved, imported links are controlled against the template definition and any activity traced in the Activity report including: