Managing review templates

Creating review templates from scratch

Review templates are used to organize and simplify the review creation process:

To create Review templates, go to the Project Administration's "Review templates" section:

You can then create Review template chapters by clicking the + icon when hovering a template:

Chapters can be reordered by clicking the arrow up and arrow down icon when selecting a review template and hovering one of its chapters.

You can edit any element by clicking it, then updating its values and clicking "Submit".

You can delete any element by clicking the trash can icon when hovering an element.

Creating review templates from an existing review

To turn an existing review into a template for later reuse, go to the review details screen. From there, click the arrow down icon at the top left of the review title topbar, then click "+ Create Review Template".

A modal will appear to override the title and description of the new review template. Click "Ok" to save your new review template.

Your review template will be initialized with the chapters you had in your review, keeping their title, description and order.