Agent associations

For each publication agent, you can create agent associations to trigger the publication of a project from your authoring tool to a SECollab design. This association determines not only the published project, but also the folder where to publish it.

Creating an agent association

Required parameters:

Optional parameters

The design's name can be later edited from the design details page.

The target folder can be later modified from the Designs Tree administration.

Manual publication

Click on the icon Manual publication to trigger a manual publication. This requires the permission Publish or modify designs.

Automatic publish

The Automatic publish toggle indicates whether the agent association allows for automatic publication of the corresponding design, based on the agent's refresh rate.


When enabled, if the Mantis server sends update events to the SECollab server, a publication of the corresponding design will be planned.

If the agent is disabled, the Mantis server will keep sending update notifications to the SECollab server but those will be ignored. Manual publication remains possible.

If the Mantis agent is disabled and the automatic publish remains enabled on the agent association, SECollab will account for events received from the Mantis server. Manual publication will not be possible though.


When enabled, an attempt to check for updates will be trigered at timed interval, based on the refresh rate set on the Agent. If data has changed, a publication will be planned.

When disabled, only manual publication is possible.

If the TestLink agent is disabled, both manual and automatic publication will be disabled for the association.

Last publication

Details on the status of the last publication (whether manual or automatic) is displayed in the column Last publish, alongside the author and a link to the corresponding activity.