Design history

The design history page allows viewing the differences between two subsequent versions of a design.

Differences list

The left pane contains all the resources that were added (green), updated (yellow) or removed (red) during the import that was performed at the selected date. The resources are ordered by type and name, and a filter can be activated to show only commented resources. For updated resources, the displayed name, type, and icon are shown in their newer version.


The middle pane contains the selected resource before and after the import of a new version. When possible, the differences between both versions are highlighted in green, red or yellow, to show new, deleted or updated properties.

Comments and links

The right pane contains the comments and collaborative links on the selected resource as they are on the current configuration. Comments and links are not updated when a new version of a design is imported.

Navigating inside a specific version of a design

In the middle pane, there are links to some of the design's resources. Clicking one of these links displays a page with the resource as it was at the date indicated near the title of the resource. When viewing a resource in this context, the navigation is limited to the design's resources, and links to other designs are disabled. To go back to the current configuration, click on the Dashboard menu.