Roles and permissions


SECollab is pre-configured with the following roles:

Existing roles can be updated, and new ones can be added. Each role can be:

Each role can be assigned to users in 2 ways:

Notes :

Permissions Summary table

Server administrationUser administrationImport or create users on the server
Manage activation keys and licenses
OSLC Communication administrationSetting up publishing agents
Parameterize OSLC configurations (consumers, friends)
Manage server settings
Trigger publishing event by agent
Permissions and roles administrationCreate, modify or delete roles and permissions
Import and export permissions
Projects administrationCreate, modify or delete a project
Import and export projects
Create, modify or delete project component templates
Import and export project component templates
Create, edit or delete a member on a project
Project administrationProject properties administrationModify project properties
User groups administrationCreate, modify or delete user groups
Activity monitoring administrationDelete all activity history
Delete your activity history
Manage notifications
OSLC associations and publications administrationOSLC associations administrationCreate, modify or delete OSLC project associations
Publications administrationCreate, modify or delete publications by agents
Data and configurations administrationData administrationPublish or modify designs
Delete designs
Manage designs tree
Version configurations administrationCreate, modify or delete version configurations (flows and baselines)
Links and resource types administrationLinks and resource types administrationCreate, modify or delete resource types
Create, modify or delete link types
Reports templates administrationWEB report templates administrationCreate, modify or delete queries
Create, modify or delete WEB report templates
BIRT document reports templates administrationDownload the sources of a BIRT document report
Create, modify or delete a BIRT document report design
Imports and exports administrationImports and exports of links administrationCreate, modify or delete a link import template
Exporting links via traceability matrix and traceability table WEB reports
Export identifiers administrationCreate, modify or delete the export of identifiers
Reviews administrationReviews administrationCreate or modify custom review management attributes
Create, modify or close a review
Delete a review
Moderate and delete review comments
Export review comments
Import review comments
Add or modify a finding
Moderate review findings
Delete review findings
Review templates administrationCreate, edit or delete review templates
Default rights of project membersData accessRead-only access to a project
Read-only access to reviews
Be added as a contributor to a review
Management of report executionsCreate, modify or delete a report
Generate Excel, Word, PDF BIRT reports (designs and reviews)
Download documents generated for the project