Viewing a dashboard

Access to the dashboard of a project is done from the main dashboard menu. The dashboard of a project consists of several zones:

"My Tasks" area

This area allows you to see which tasks are assigned or suggested to you. These tasks are grouped by type and depend on your role on the project:

"Latest Designs" area

Displays a list of the latest designs published in the project.

"Latest Reviews" area

Displays the list of the last reviews created in the project for which you are the creator or a referenced contributor.

"Latest Comments" area

Displays the most recently added reviews that you are the creator or referenced contributor. This list allows you to review the current activity of the project and to react to new comments.

You can increase the number of comments posted on this page by clicking on See more comments at the bottom of this area.

Note also that you can sort the list of comments by date, added by the creator or group them by a review.