Updating using IBM Application Server Liberty - IBM Rational Team Concert CCM

This section describes the procedure applicable when SECollab was deployed to the Liberty application server hosting IBM Rational Team Concert CCM.

Here are the steps to update the SECollab application:

  1. Stop the Liberty application server.
  2. Copy the new secollab.war file to the folder <jazz_install>/server/liberty/servers/clm/apps. Confirm the replacement of the old file with this new version.
  3. Delete the contents of the folder <jazz_install>/server/liberty/servers/clm/workarea
  4. Restart the Liberty application server.

Note that IBM Application Server Liberty is highly configurable and there are several ways to deploy a web application. This page presents a certain method. We recommend that you refer to the Liberty documentation for more details.

Depending on the release notes, it may be necessary to start Checking required migrations