Roles and permissions

IBM Rational Team Concert CCM (CCM) Roles and permissions

Access to a given project area and its artifacts is regulated by access parameters and by rights. SECollab inherits the access rights declared on this zone in CCM.


The possible roles in SECollab are:

Note: The clm_project_leader, clm_publisher, clm_report_manager and clm_configuration_manager roles must be added to the project process canvas when configuring the CCM application. Also note that the label of these roles can be modified, only the identifier is taken into account to formally determine the role. For more details, refer to the administration documentation, CCM Setup Instructions.

The role configuration for SECollab in CCM is unique to SECollab, and does not replace the usual configuration of roles in the process of using a CCM project.

There is no prerequisite for the type of process chosen for the CCM project.

Embedded database Roles and permissions

The possible roles in SECollab are:

Note: Roles can be redefined on a per project basis. A user can be the leader of project A, but only a publisher on project B. The administrator role is an exception to this rule, as it spans the whole application instead of one or several projects.

Summary table

The possible actions for the different roles are as follows:

ActionCLM Project LeaderPublisherTeam Member AdministratorReport ManagerConfiguration Manager
Publish a designXX----
Delete a designXX----
Create a reviewX-----
Delete a reviewX-----
Update a designXX----
Update a reviewX-----
Read-only access to a design--XXXX
Read-only access to a review-XXXXX
Be added as a contributor to a reviewXXXXXX
Delete all activity historyX-----
Delete all personal activity historyXX----
Delete comments from reviewsX-----
Delete personal comments from reviewsXXXXXX
Close a discussionX-----
Close a personal discussionXXXXXX
Import and Pair a Project Area (CCM)---X--
Create a project or user (embedded database)---X--
Download a report design sources----X-
Create or update a custom report design----X-
Create, update or delete a stream or baselineX----X