Release 3.0.0

New and noteworthy

Traceability model

SECollab now allows you to implement your very own Traceability model. This comes through a set of 3 features: the resource types, the queries, and the report templates / reports.

Project templating

Now that you have such features on resource types, queries and report templates, you may want to share those across your projects and configurations. That's what the Project template feature is all about. It's still very new, and we plan for quite some enhancements around that feature, but it's already working good: just create your administration data in one configuration, create and download a template, then it's up to you to deploy that template on any configuration and project you want to share that in.

User management: LDAP, archiving

SECollab lets you provide LDAP parameters to authenticate against the LDAP server instead of directly using SECollab. This frees you of the pain involved by creating all users "by hand". Just register any number of users you might want directly from the LDAP server, make them members of any projects they belong to, and you're good to go.

Solved issues


This release fixes an issue that prevented publishing a Capella design directly to the server and forced publishing to a file.

Known issues

Previews and JAS

When Jazz is set up with JAS, Jazz won't be able to retrieve SECollab previews. When trying to connect to see the preview, the browser will mention an invalid response.

Enterprise Architect

On Enterprise Architect diagrams publication, if the element the most on the top and/or the most on the left of the diagram is a label, there may be an offset between the clickable areas and the picture of the diagram.

Migration notes

This version requires going through a migration. To start this migration: