Release 2.0.0

New and noteworthy

Configuration Management

This release introduces Configuration Management. With this comes:


Resources created while importing a Word document are now requirements, unlike the architecture resources they used to be in version 1.x. As such, any migrated Word design from version 1.x may display some unexpected behavior. We encourage you to import again those document on this new release.

Known issues

Previews and JAS

When Jazz is set up with JAS, Jazz won't be able to retrieve SECollab previews. When trying to connect to see the preview, the browser will mention an invalid response.

Enterprise Architect

On Enterprise Architect diagrams publication, if the element the most on the top and/or the most on the left of the diagram is a label, there may be an offset between the clickable areas and the picture of the diagram.

Reviews import and export

The functionality has been disabled and will come back in a future release.

Migration notes

This version requires going through a migration. To start this migration: