Release 1.2.0

New and noteworthy

H2 embedded storage

SECollab data can now be stored in an embedded H2 database instead of using IBM Rational Team Concert © CCM (CCM).

Enterprise Architect

Enterprise Architect designs can be imported in SECollab.


Capella designs can be imported in SECollab.


Added support for DOORS designs.


A report manager can upload custom BIRT designs that become available to generate custom reports. Reports can be generated in different formats in addition to PDF: DOCX, DOC, ODT and HTML were added.

Web application

Users can now choose a destination folder when they import a design from the web interface.

Administration screens

SECollab now has 2 administration screens:

Known issues

No known issues.

Migration notes

There is no specific action to take upon migrating from version 1.0.x. Simply follow the Updating SECollab guidelines.