Project Areas

This section is only relevant if SECollab is configured to use an IBM ™ Rational Team Concert CCM (CCM) storage. For other storages, an administrator can freely create and manage projects in SECollab.

SECollab allows for publishing designs within a pre-paired project context. In CCM, a project area is stored as a top-level element or root element in a repository. This area refers to project artifacts and stores the relationships between these artifacts.

Pairing a CCM project area

All project areas defined in CCM are not necessarily intended to contain SECollab data. SECollab collaborative data (in an OSLC CM, OSLC AM and OSLC RM format) can only be created in a given project if the administrator has previously activated this project from the administration interface of SECollab. For more details, see the Administration guide: activating SECollab projects

Paired CCM projects