Project administration

Link types

Under the "Link types" tab, a project leader can configure custom collaborative links between different kind of resources. See the "Creating custom links" section of the user guide for more information.


Under the "Configurations" tab, a configuration manager can list and create baselines and streams. He can add, update, remove or archive those configurations. He can only create a stream as the child of a baseline, and a baseline as the child of a stream. Those actions are available on hovering the targeted configuration. Once done, he may save using the save button, or cancel by reloading existing data.

Designs tree

Under the "Designs tree" tab, a project leader can create folders and group the designs into coherent sets in these folders. He can add or remove folders with the available buttons. He can then drag and drop designs or folders into other folders to organize them. Changes to designs tree are not saved until the Save button is clicked.


Under the "Reports" tab, a report manager can manage custom BIRT report designs. These designs can then be used to generate custom reports instead of the standard ones. To create a custom report, start by downloading the sources of a SECollab standard report by editing a report and checking the "Download report source files" option (you must be logged in as a report manager to see this option). This will download a .zip file containing a readme.html with the rest of the instructions.

Team members

The "Team" tab is only available if SECollab was installed in the embedded database mode (when using IBM Rational Team Concert CCM (CCM), team members are managed directly on CCM). Under this tab a project leader can add users to the project and assign them one or several roles.