Updating SECollab Publisher

This section describes the process for installing and using a new version of SECollab Publisher. This section assumes that the administrator has previously installed the first version of SECollab Publisher on the client computer and is familiar with the installation procedure.

SECollab Publisher is installed on each client node in a directory that will be designated by <install_dir>/publisher.

Here are the steps that the administrator must follow to update the SECollab Publisher:

  1. If changes were made to the file <install_dir>/publisher/SECollabPublisher.ini when installing the previous version, create a copy of this file in a temporary directory. This copy can be deleted at the end of the update procedure.
  2. Delete the contents of the folder <install_dir>/publisher.
  3. Select the new version of the publication client that corresponds to your runtime platform, and unzip the archive in the folder <install_dir>/publisher.
  4. Edit the new file <install_dir>/publisher/SECollabPublisher.ini and enter in this file the changes introduced in the copy made at the first step of this process. This is mainly to copy the location of the license.
  5. Run the file <install_dir>/publisher/SECollabPublisher.exe to launch the publication client and verify its proper functioning.