Deploying with IBM Application Server Liberty - IBM Rational Team Concert CCM

CCM's Liberty Application Server is installed in this directory: <jazz_install>/server/liberty.

Note that IBM Application Server Liberty is highly configurable and there are several ways to deploy a web application. This page presents a certain method. We recommend that you refer to the Liberty documentation for more details.

Installation via the file system

Follow these steps to install SECollab directly on the local server hosting the Liberty server.

  1. Use Secure Shell (SSH) or Remote Desktop (RDP) to connect to the host
  2. Copy the file secollab.war in the folder <jazz_install>/server/liberty/servers/clm/apps
  3. Edit the file <jazz_install>/server/liberty/servers/clm/conf/application.xml
  4. Go to end of the file application.xml and add the following statement:
     <application type="war" id="secollab" name="secollab" location="${server.config.dir}/apps/secollab.war">

Considering that is the URL of the Liberty server hosting IBM Rational Team Concert CCM, the URL of the SECollab application will be

Editing context parameters

SECollab requires the configuration of certain parameters:

  1. Create the file <jazz_install>/server/liberty/servers/clm/ if it doesn't exist.
  2. Edit the file to add the necessary context parameters, as defined in section Configuring the context parameters.

A parameter is defined in the Liberty file by the following statement:


Warning: The file file is a Java Properties file in which the characters '\' must be doubled. For example:


It is necessary to restart the Liberty server to take account of the changes made in the file