Deploying with Apache Tomcat - IBM Rational Team Concert CCM

CCM's Apache Tomcat server is installed in this directory: <jazz_install>/server/tomcat.

Installation via the file system

Follow these steps to install SECollab directly on the local server hosting the Tomcat server.

  1. Use Secure Shell (Ssh) or Remote Desktop (RDP) to connect to the host
  2. Copy the file secollab.war in the folder <jazz_install>/server/tomcat/webapps.
  3. Depending on the configuration of Tomcat, it may be necessary to restart the Tomcat server.

Considering that is the URL of the Tomcat server hosting CCM, the URL of the SECollab application will be

Editing context parameters

SECollab requires the configuration of certain parameters:

  1. Determine the filecontext.xml to use :
  2. Edit the file context.xml to add context parameters necessary, as defined in section Configuring the context parameters.

A parameter is defined in the Tomcat context by the following statement:

  <Parameter name="parameterName" value="parameterValue" override="1"/>